Cafe Adella Dori is named after two women, Adella and Dori.  From her native Hungary Adella brought a passion for cooking and baking; it was said that when she visited friends and relatives, she carried a suitcase full of cakes, cookies, and pastries that was bigger than her personal luggage.  Dori inherited that passion, blending it with her own good humor, exquisite taste, and love of a perfect cup of tea.

In 2016, in the scenic hamlet of Callicoon on the Upper Delaware River, Eva Barnett founded a cafe named for her bubbi, Adella, and her mom, Dori.  Inspired by these two remarkable women, the cafe would be a welcoming place to enjoy great coffee, tasty tea, baked goods made from scratch, and a satisfying meal made with love.

Drawing on her experience both as a cook  in various restaurants and as a field hand on organic farms (Mountain Dell, Willow Wisp Organic, Silver Heights Plant Nursery) Eva wanted to create a cafe that would combine Old World graciousness with Catskill freshness.  A place that thinks globally — with elements gleaned from Eva's family history in Europe, South Africa, and the American South — but sources locally, its menu reflecting the seasons and harvests of the beautiful Upper Delaware Valley.  

All of us here at Cafe Adella Dori share this vision.  We make a point of developing working relationships with as many local farmers, artisans, and producers as we can. Our goal is to bring our community the healthiest and most delicious food possible, while strengthening the local economy and environment at the same time.  Keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum, we aspire to be a zero-waste business that fully embodies the motto: “Waste not, want not.”