Willow Wisp Organic Farm
| veggies, herbs & flowers |


 | veggies, herbs & flowers |

Greg Swartz, Tannis Kowalchuk, and Simon Jerry are the reason Eva Barnett (owner of Cafe Adella Dori) came to the area.  These fine folks grow a diverse mix of vegetables, herbs, and cut flowers on 12 acres. Tended with care their valley bottom soil grows delicious and nutrient-dense produce


Lackawaxen Farm Company
produce | milk | eggs


produce | milk | eggs

Lackawaxen Food Hub (LFH), a regional food hub and multi-farm Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) located in Honesdale, PA, connects farmers and food producers with consumers, restaurants, and food businesses throughout Wayne and Pike Counties and Sullivan County, NY.

The LFH works with over 25 regional farms and food producers who provide locally-grown vegetables, fruit, herbs, meat, dairy and a variety of value-added products to bring a year-round supply of farm fresh food to the region.


Tay Tea
| hand-blended teas |


hand-blended teas

Founded in 2003, Tay Tea  is the brainchild of a tea-obsessed New Yorker who comes from a third generation tea blending family. Nini Ordoubadi loves tea and loves sharing it with people.


Hilly Acres Farm
bacon | sausage |beef |eggs


bacon | sausage |beef |eggs

Hilly Acres Farm is a small-scale farm located in a beautiful nook in the Catskills (Jeffersonville NY). The farm is owned and operated by Andy, Tanya and Mike Hahn. As a family run farm we believe in doing things in a fairly old fashion way. Our livestock is not fed hormone based foods or injected with hormones to make them grow unusually fast. The farm has been in operation as a family run farm since 1955 and has been past down through many generations.